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Need help with building a workbench top with glued 4x4s

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I'm building a bench top made with Douglas Fir S4S 4x4s and want to make sure my plans/techniques checks out before I start. The dimensions are 28" x 58". I'm planning to simply glue them together with Gorilla Glue, then clamp together overnight to dry. Is this all there is to it to make a strong bond and quality top or should I be thinking about doing it another way?

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What will you be using to rip these? :smile:
His 5HP Powermatic 12"er.

No but seriously, I would strongly consider using dugfir 2x4's, with all-thread and glue.
That's looking great! You should be very happy with that bench.
Except for when you have to move it! How much does that behemoth way?

Nice looking bench either way though, good job!
1 - 2 of 57 Posts
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