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Thanks.... The link you sent me is great... it's a bit cheaper than the product another member sent me... and looks as if it does the same thing... Now to figure out how to bathe the 38 X 84 table in it - as well as the side skirts that I applied... hmmmmmmm
Mmm ya that's the hard part. From what I've seen you generally flood it on and let the excess drip off the sides (plastic drop cloth required, of course). From then, I understand you can use a utility knife or such to trim off any drips that you didn't chase off well. Sand the trimmed parts flat then poly the rest of the project.

I suppose you can do a wipe on coat of it on the entire surface (what they call a "seal coat"), but again, it's not something I've tried before.

Good luck, lets us know how you address it and how it worked!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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