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Hey Guys,

I came across this forum as I was doing some research on some wood I found at one of my projects. Just for some clarification, I work for a large demolition company here in the US (based out of Charlotte, NC). We are tearing down an automated warehouse, and a large conveyor system.

We have pulled out a large amount of these wood "boards" which I cannot seem to get a name for, or understanding of what to do with (other than dispose of).

These boards are 1.25" Thick, 52" Long & 44" Wide. They have rounded corners, and each board has a metal plate stamped in with a number and a bar code. We have over 20,000 individual units right now, and I would like some advice on what they are, and what are my options in terms of selling them, etc.

This is my first post, and I apologize if this is in the wrong section / am not following proper protocol.


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