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I am building a redwood slab table for a friend that will have collapsible legs to convert it from a coffee table in to an occasional dining table. The legs are 2 x 3's. I will attach them to the table with pocket hole screws.

Here is where it gets tricky. My friend would like the legs to essentially be hinged in the middle. So imagine a 28 inch table leg that is actually 2 14" legs hinged together. When being used as a coffee table each leg will simply fold in half, and sit next to one another.

So from this:


To this:


My questions are:

What type of hinge should I use? Was thinking locking bi-fold door hinge. Is there any other type? I would prefer one that is lockable.

When the legs are folded, I plan to use a shutter bar (pictured below) to keep the loosely coupled together. When the legs are straight for dining use, I plan to use draw catches (also pictured below) to reinforce the strength of the legs. Will this be strong enough?

Last question: is this design setting me up for a crappy wobbly table?

You guys have never failed me with your advice. Thanks in advance for the help.



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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