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Have 9/16" diameter stainless steel rods that come to me with a mill finish on them. In the past I have sanded them by hand to put the "grain" onto them but it would be so much faster if I could put one end of the rod into a drill and spin it while I sanded. Similar to how a lathe would work. My question is if anyone knows of an attachment that I can put on my 3/8" or 1/2" drill so that I could clamp down on the end of the rod and spin it?

where's my table saw?
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motor shaft adaptor

Like these:

You need a 1/2" shaft with a 9/16" bore. They may not make that size, but the idea is the same. A local machine shop could make one in about an hour or less. That may even be cheaper, I donno?

If it were me, I'd start with a 3/4" hex head bolt. I'd reduce the 3/4" to 1/2" for your shaft, bore a 9/16 hole in the head, and drill and tap 3 of the bolt faces for 10-24 set screws.

You can also make one with a wood dowel. Same idea, just slit the 9/16" bored end of the dowel and use a hose clamp to secure the rod, since you can't drill and tap the wood. You must secure the opposite end if the rod is longer than 5 or 6" for safety. You don't want it wobbling around in space.

Another idea is to just get a larger chuck for your drill.
Like this:

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