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First, let me say I have used a few planes before. not many but a few decent ones.
I didn't like them at all - I thought maybe I was weird (er than originally)

Then I went and saw Steve Knight (who unfortunately doesn't make planes all day long anymore but does still have a few parts and irons) at his shop.

I had been researching making my own, and he is here in my hometown... so I bought a few irons and a few rough pre-cut pieces as a starting point..

All I can say is I LOVE hand planing wood with these. I love hand tuning them and even the time grinding honing and sharpening.

I am - converted ;-) the finish after those goldylocks curls fly off is nothing short of glassy smooth and amazing. I just saved $1000 on sandpaper. (and scraper labor)

Sorry for the poor picture quality....
All hail the wooden plane you made yourself and is now your favorite tool !!!!!!!!

(please forward information on 12 step wooden plane groups)

Jack and a Scrub... the scrub is wonderous !


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Beautiful looking tools. I think the idea alone of working your own crafted tools is a huge part of the enjoyment. Great work.
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