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My new gift to myself....New router and lift

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So for christmas....my wife bought me a jessem rout-r-lift as I had mentioned I wanted to build a new router table....and wanted this lift for it. So I had planned on putting my craftsman pro 2.25 hp router into it...(a two year old version of the current craftsman pro).....but the more I thought about it...the more I was going to miss the D-Handle base that I use for almost all my free hand work........ So low and behold....I went out and got myself another router. Now I know there are alot of routers out there....but I'm tickled pink with my current 2.25 hp craftsman pro.....and the 2.5 hp is a step up (just without the d-handle base)....so I stuck with what has worked for me and here's my newest addition to my shop.... Now I just need to get working on my table.......


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Very nice.

I made my router bench out of steel tube. This is not advice as you are an experienced wood worker just conversation.

Weather here goes from 3 degrees C to 43 degrees C. I use to get a lot of swelling and shrinkage in my bench frames and the joints and fasteners would loosen. So I now have all steel bench frames. (No movement) Just an explanation.

I like the look of your Craftsman router, it looks solid. Are the American made. We don't get them here.
Hey Jeff,

They aren't American made....just sold here. Where are you from??
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