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Okay I am no author or English major but here go's

My name is Rob not Joe (long story:blink:), I am an insurance adjuster and environmental remediation contractor by trade. My wife Zoe and I have developed and are now selling our product and creations under the trade name Funktionhouse Urban Lumber.

How we get our wood,
All of Funktionhouse's tree's come from local urban harvest, cut down due to storm, disease, urban sprawl Etc. We do not cut tree's down and rarely pay for tree's. The tree owner benefits from the reduced cost of disposal charged by the tree cutting co. One of the hardest parts is training the tree removal guys. Tree cutters are not thinking about how to get the best lumber or coolest crotch before they cut. Recently, one tree co cut an old rosewood into 2' sections so they could cart it out easier. We mill on site or at our home/studio/lumber yard

I hope this provides some insight and background into me and Funktionhouse Urban Lumber. Please ask any questions about how Funktionhouse was put and kept together. This should be duplicated around the world. All of the incredible lumber we post came from the city, look around, your city has incredible stock available that is going to the dump!

Please visit and support our sites, If you are in the Tampa Bay area call us and come on by.

Our mission: To salvage urban lumber from trees cut down in our own neighborhoods; to rescue this ‘green waste’ headed to landfills and recycle it into beautiful, useable wood for fine furniture, music instruments, wood turning, or countless other projects; to reduce the purchase of rare and endangered wood by offering comparable local exotics; to do our part for the environment, one tree at a time…




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