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My first lidded box

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I've been watching some videos so I decided to use some walnut scraps
I used a Forster bit to hollow out and then cleaned it up with my carbide tools.
This is teaching me a lot about jam chucking and being able to turn both sides of an object.
I tried the Doctor's Woodshop high friction polish ...love it!!!!

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Another pic
I can't figure out how to load multiple images.
I load two or three in the management window but only one comes up
So for now...
Nice bowl. :thumbsup:

Jam chucking looks easy in the videos, but you need tight fit. Well done.

Are you trying to get a head start on Sawdustfactory's next swap? :laughing:

For the pictures, did you "Insert All" or just one. I normally load the files in order I want, then click "Insert All", just saves some mouse clicks, then I add the text between the pictures.
I haven't seen the " Insert All " button........where is that
I upload several pics but it only shows the first one.
Thanks for the help.
I will try to explain. Not easy by typing.

This is the Manage Attachments window used to load the files.

Text Line Font Screenshot Technology

After 1 file has been loaded, this Editor window has a little paper clip icon which is used to embed the uploaded files into the text.

With only 1 file this is what you will see.

Text Font Line Screenshot Technology

With two or more files, you now also see an "Insert All" option.

I hope this helps.

Text Font Line Parallel Screenshot
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