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Bill White said:
Blackthorn? If so, where did ya get it?
Before you start walkin', ya better put on some shoes. :)
Looks good. Tell us all about the process and finish.
No it is not Blackthorn -- that's a little hard to come by in the USA! The are three woods that Carleton mentions as acceptable for Shillelagh: Oak, Blackthorn and Crabtree. Although I imagine other hardwoods would be just as good, but I tried to be traditional! This one is Crabtree.

After harvesting I submersed the stick in a bath of Pentacryl, followed by 9+ months of curing. I then formed the head using a rasp and sandpaper.
I then ebonized the bark and finished with spar Urathane (3 coats). I also used a copper pipe cap for the tip.

Rabologist of Milesius :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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