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First let me say thanks to everyone who gave me advice. I have acrylic blanks that came with the used lathe I got last year. They are from woodturningz and are round with 7mm holes in them already. The first blank I tried I ended up screwing up. I think I was taking off too much material at once and broke the end of the blank. I used the rest of the blank to practice working with the acrylic. By the time I was finished I felt okay working with it. I went very slow. I tried using a 3/4" skew, which I did okay with and never snagged once. I was proud of this accomplishment itself. I also tried using my spindle gouge with my Ellsworth sweptback wings. It seemed to work okay as well. However, what seemed to work the best for me was my 3/4" curved scraper. It is super sharp and I was able to maintain a better uniform cut with it.



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