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My 1st real deal

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Well these are a few pics of my first real project. It started out as a plan to build a hopechest for my girlfriend, and I knew we were going to make it through and eventually get married, so I designed it to match my bed frame. As you can tell from the pictures I eventually used the hopechest to propose to my wife and she apparently thought I was worthy of a "YES", so now she has a hand made gift to cherish and remember for forever.

But as for details of the hopechest, it was made from numeroustypes of wood because I knew it was getting painted. It stands about 24" high, and the top is 53" wide and 24" deep. The inside is roughly 48" X 24" X 18" with a sliding tray in the top 1/3. The legs are 6" high and all of the curves were hand cut and sanded (what a pain)! The upholstery I also did myself with the instruction of my mother who did the upholstery on the bed frame.

I leaned alot from this project, but the 2 most important things were
1) Dimensioning - this thing is huge
2) I love woodworking!

and a near third - she loves me!!

well here are the pics.

sorry not sure how to rotate these

Furniture Bedroom Bed Bed frame Room

Box Musical instrument accessory Furniture Fashion accessory Leather

Leather Brown Tan Textile Furniture

Box Book Furniture Games
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Wow! That is awesome! That's one of the most original ways to pop the question I have seen. Totally cool and very nice work. :thumbsup:

If you want me to rotate the pics for you I'd be happy to do so.
Very nice I wish you both all the best.

Absolutely gorgeous. We would call this an ottoman. Would love one but unfortunately, rooms in UK a bit on the small side. In the end I bought a flat pack three drawer chest to put along the wall.
You could make a living with these, like I suggested to Woodbox in another thread.
Nice work!
Wow, thanks for all the encouragement guys. I'm glad to see that people seem to enjoy what I have created. My uncle who has an art gallery told me that if I wanted to sell it (not that I do or ever would) he said I could get @ $1200 for it. I think that is unbelievable, but what do you guys think?

Texas, thanks for the offer to rotate my pictures, but apparently someone already has, but is there a way that I could do that myself? Or do you need to be a moderator?
Hi from Australia
Well done.
Now you are "One off us!" and there is no escape.(Married that is).
What an unbelievable first project.
Keep in touch.
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