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I have released the third part of the pool table build video series. I'm excited about this video because it showcases my Motorized router lift to efficiently make mortises on the router table. This video covers the primary joinery method for the pool table leg system - loose tenon joinery.

If you haven't seen my motorized router lift in action, check out Part 3 of this series. Since the original prototype, I have replaced the powerplant of the lift, and tricked out the tenon jig - so check out the latest version! The video will give you all the details you need to see how the motorized router lift works.

Follow this link to view the new video:

As always, please let me know what you think of the videos - I value the feedback of the my fellow woodworkers!

John Nixon - Buffalo, NY [URL="http://www.eaglelakewoodworking.com/"]www.EagleLakeWoodworking.com[/URL]
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