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morse taper question?

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How do I tell what taper I have? I have been doing research on what all there is to turn and other than between centers what would be good for beginners. I came up with pens. So I was looking at mandrels and they are relatively inexpensive, but I found one from rockler that is only $12 dollars. It is a #1 morse taper and all the others I have found are #2. So how can I tell which one I have?:eek:
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Hey thanks guys And a very big thank you to John your videos have been a big help thanks for taking the time to teach all the beginners like me!
Your welcome. I hope to do more shortly. I have to wait until it's warm enough in the shop. Hard to do a video when your shaking.
Well that would be true, hard to believe it is still cold somewhere it is 87 degrees right now and it is supposed to get up to 92 out here.
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