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morse taper question?

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How do I tell what taper I have? I have been doing research on what all there is to turn and other than between centers what would be good for beginners. I came up with pens. So I was looking at mandrels and they are relatively inexpensive, but I found one from rockler that is only $12 dollars. It is a #1 morse taper and all the others I have found are #2. So how can I tell which one I have?:eek:
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A #2 morse taper is real close to 3/4" at the widest point. So if you measure the opening in your lathe spindle and it's close to 3/4" then it's a #2.
A #1 morse taper is approx. 1/2" at it's widest point.
Occasionally you will find a #3 morse taper but very very rarely. It is obviously larger than a #2.
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Your welcome. I hope to do more shortly. I have to wait until it's warm enough in the shop. Hard to do a video when your shaking.
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