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try carving her a walking stick

one of my first carvings was a stick to kill rattlesnakes around the place i lived...only the ones that got into buildings!
thinking of death as the subject, i carved a somewhat resemblance of myself and tied a leather thong hangman's noose around the neck. turned out fairly well for a beginner.
about 3 years ago i dug out that old stick and carved a rattlesnake winding down it's length and in the process i made it thinner, lighter, and
easier to use as a walking stick. put a rubber foot on it too.

so far i have carved 4 walking staffs and sold two and gave the 4th to a charity auction. I try to carve on a theme now in order to make it more interesting to me. Sometimes the theme takes me months to come up with a way to represent the idea visually. A case in point was my first carved smoking pipe. It took me 3 months to figure out a way to represent the theme "respect" and I ended up changing it to "greetings with respect". Esoteric ideas are difficult for me! It took me another 3 months to carve the pipe. I submitted it to a company in a contest, but they said it was too "professional" for the contest! my first pipe and the store rep. told me she intended to insure it for $500.
I am not a great carver...mediocre at the best. Use this story as an
encouragement to try your hand at carving.
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