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I am a complete newbie at woodworking, but I’ve take the project of trying to make my own picture frames. I’ve purchased picture frame molding, and have a dewalt miter saw to get my cuts. The issue I am having is measuring. How does one measure accurately enough to know where exactly to put the saw down?
For instance, if I want to make a 10x10 frame, I make a 45 degree cut on one end, and then on rabbet, measure ten inches, and this is where my other cut will need to be. Yet, I am measuring on the inside of the molding, so I need to turn it over to make my cut. I try making a mark at the edge of the rabbet, and then using a triangle, draw a 45 degree line. Then with the saw not on, I bring it down to line it up with the pencil line. I also line it up just to the side, so I am including the line in the molding, this way I am not losing any length from the width of the saw blade. Doing this is proving quite a challenge in getting the accurate length cuts so the pieces are all exactly the same length. I am hoping there is an easy way to measure and cut that I am not thinking of. My miter cuts seem to be accurate; it’s just determining exactly where to cut and getting the proper length.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This is the first time I am using a miter saw, so my apologies if I sound very naïve.

Thank you.
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