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preserving the past
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As part of my job I am given the task of altering cabinetry. In this project the client had a standard refrigerator that was set underneath a 12" upper cabinet that had a 12" end panel. I have no idea why the cabinet above the fridge was only 12" deep to begin with but anyway the client wanted a cabinet depth unit that was higher than the original fridge, plus they wanted the whole side covered.

They also needed two doors made up where there was a microwave in an upper cabinet that had an extended floor. They were getting a new island but everything else was staying original. This gave me 4 solid slab drawer fronts, a 12" tall end panel, the 12" deep x 36" wide cross over cabinet and 4 over sized island doors to cannibalize.

I used the 12" tall end panel and ripped it into rail and stiles for my new deeper end panel. I took apart the 4 doors I had and remade 4 panels out of them. I was lucky in that the hole for the old knobs was lost in the cutting. I used the solid drawer fronts to make two new glass ready doors. they were going under some original doors that were over the old microwave so I cut the panels out of those and prepped them for glass too.

I tried to keep as much original finish intact and its mostly some long ripped edges and ends that have to be touched up. The trickiest part was trying to get my rails and stiles as flush as possible in front because they would not be sanded.

This is not earth shattering work by any means but i like being a "go to" guy and I like challenges. I just had enough wood to do what I needed because of very careful planning. Full pic set is in my albums.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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