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I really should be out in the shed being productive instead of writing this, but I have been a bit quite on here for a while so he goes.

I have been doing a Jamie Oliver cooking class here. They are heavily sponsored by our Federal and State Government plus the Local Councils they operate in.

It's all about healthy eating. So what has that got to do with woodwork, I hear you ask?

Well, it appears that a part of the class involved zesting some lemons. Now, if you are ignorant in cooking like I am, well zesting is the scraping of the rind on a shaver.

The teacher used a Micro plane to do the zesting and she told the story of how the Micro Plane became an important part of most chiefs and cooks. it appears one particular lady had an old box scraper and was fed up with it, so she went into her husbands workshop and noticed this nice shiny stainless steel rasp on his bench.

Trying it on the lemon she was really impressed and that was how the Micro Plane became a necessary tool in the kitchen. Now, I thought that was interesting so I did some research to see how much myth was in that story.

It appears that lady was a Lonnie Lee who's husband owned a hardware store in Canada, That was an understatement, wasn't it. She told her husband who I assumed was Leonard and he put he news in his trade catalog and it went from there.

Now, I assume Mrs Lee had some influential friends, because these are the Lee's we are talking about, even though I believe they are down to earth people. Soon Oprah and Martha were singing the praises of this special tool.

But, here is the funny bit, further research by me on the actual manufacturer said that the original shape of the micro plane was based on a printing press die and the company realized that it had a woodworking potential.

But down the track all these trucks were lined up in his driveway to take all the Micro Planes this little company could produce. Om further investigation the old owner was terribly disappointed because of the destination not being to the woodworking supply chain but to the Department Stores of America and infact the World.

He did not want his Micro plane used this way but the company has now developed kitchen supply equipment products around that Micro plane.

It is possibly better known outside the workshop than in it now.

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