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I am starting to design a cubby system for the ski resort i belong to. We are in need of cubby storage for our member lounge (not the general public) and want it to be nice and reflect the logo of the resort.

My idea is to create a wall mounted cubby system that would echo the design of the resort logo with the blue shapes as the cubbies.

I am exploring methods of construction and looking for any advice that will create a strong system with the general tear shapes like the logo.

I have a full shop (unisaw, planer, shaper, router table, band saw, lathe, etc...). i have drawn up some ideas on how i think i could construct these items but nothing i like that much...

One method i thought of was to mount a 3/4" 4x8 sheet of plywood (maybe 2 joined together) to be mounted on the wall. Before mounting, I would cut out the shapes of each "tear" - almost like a cookie cutter but use the openings as forms. Then i would take the pre-cut tops and base of the tear, soak them and put them in the tear opening of the 3/4" board and screw. hard to describe but the main downside i see is that i would need to get the angles of the tops/bottom piece exact before soaking.

This would make the whole unit portable, very strong with a nice 3D look.

Thoughts or better approach?


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Unless I'm mistaken, that's a pine cone with the seeds.
Why not just make stackable cubbies in the "tear" shape by using bending plywood over a form?

Two of the sides could be straight/flat while the bottom is curved.


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