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Hello everyone. I recently repaired a rubber-wood kitchen table set that my wife got and I’m trying to match the finish. I normally deal with water based paint/clear coat, but I have never dove to deep into other finishes and I need some help. I’m pretty sure it’s rubber-wood, and this is a common finish I see on rubber-wood furniture.
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I would try to establish what finish was used on the table by dropping a some lacquer thinner in a non-conspicuous place to see if it "melts in".
If it doesn't melt, then it's a poly of some type and that is more difficult to blend.
You just want to scuff up the area around where you will apply the new finish, not remove any significant amount of original finish.
Now the "fun begins" and you'll need to experiment to find what top coat will give the best results and how to apply it, spray or brush.
You may get by with only a blending stick:

Another product that may work:
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