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So iv'e finally joined the elite table saw crew. :yes:

Definitely going to take a lot of practice and getting used to though, wanna thank all the guys on the forum for helping me out tremendously on safety tips and general advice..

But ive been busy working it in the mean time, making this box..

Started out by building a small mahogany frame which will get glued to the lid and form a sort of lip around the lid and frame a mirror on the inside. The joints are really going to take a lot of practice I see though...

The lid itself was cut out of maple and shaped using a good old rasp and chisel set..

The sides were slightly more tricky though, I had to laminate to sheets of maple and a sheet of mahogany to form a single 100mm thick block, my TS only has a cutting depth of 80mm, so I had to do a cut, flip it around and do an additional cut, and as my block wasnt completely square I did have a slight off set on my cuts. Nothing a decent plane doesnt fix though :)

And that's about as far as I managed to get today :sad:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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