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you need a plug

To drill a vertical hole, you'll need to plug the existing hole to get a pilot. If you make a plug with a hole that's already centered and use quick/fast dry epoxy that will work to get started. The other issue is you will probably run out of depth on the hole saw because of the slant. You'll need to drill from both sides, another reason for the pilot hole.

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OR you can jig saw out a larger hole then sleeve it with a PVC or metal tube, cut on the proper slant and glass that in for a clean look and watertight fit.

Or if the existing hole is just a bit too small, you can use a drum sander attachment to enlarge it slightly. Mine have a 1/2" shaft for use in a drill press. Similarly, you can wrap a cardboard or other close size tube with very rough sandpaper and do it by hand with vertical strokes up and down.

A Sawzall would leave a "rough opening" but the longer blade will help cut all the way through. If you get good with the saw and don't use too coarse of a blade you may be able to finesse the hole out cleanly...I donno?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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