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I've got a teeny tiny little shop and am in the early days of kitting it out. We've got a table saw, a mitre saw, an orbital sander, and some hand tools. I don't know that we're ever going to have room for a jointer, and while I'd love a benchtop planer we don't have that at the moment either.

I'm doing a bunch of glue-ups of fancy patterned hardwood, but need to get them perfectly flat — how would you smooth out your stock if you didn't have a jointer or planer? (Honestly the idea of using a hand plane on them makes me feel a little ill, but I'm open to learning how to do that if that's the best/only way! 😅)
Id go hand planer. Once you tune it up a bit, theyre really not hard to use at all and its going to be far less work than trying to sand your pieces flat.
For a long time, I wanted a planer but didnt want to spend $300+ on a power planer and just tried to flatten my work with a belt sander. Once I saw how cheap hand planers are and how well they work once you flatten the base and sharpen them, I was sold.
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