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Making a 3D sign

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I'm looking to make a fairly large sign/logo to go on an outdoor wall, but I'm not sure what to make it from.

I'm fairly handy with mdf - easy to cut and shape - so would sealing and painting it make it suitable for outdoors and exposed to the elements?
Plywood seems like it would be tough to smooth off.

Acrylic was another thought, but I don't know where to buy a large piece of it - approx 500mm x 1000mm.
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I would not use MDF. If you do use MDF make sure to use Exterior and I would coat it with a 2 part epoxy but it still will not last over the long haul. They have sheets of of pvc called Azek it is light weight and mills like wood you can also glue it together with their glue. It is not cheep but well worth it.
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