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Make a desk with rounded sides

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Who can give me some hints how I can make a similar desk like this link http://www.romodesigns.com/office-c5/large-glass-moulded-desk-p524

I would like to make this in MDF, the width of the desk approx 2 inch. The arc is 2 inch on the inner, 4 inch on the outer.

I'm especially curious how to make the roundings. Do I make a frame of 1,5 inch in wood, and cover it with mdf sheets? WIll the roundings be nice round?

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As best as I can tell from their picture it doesn't look like a do it yourself project. It appears it's plywood or mdf molded in that shape. If you could make the legs and top thicker you could make a rounded piece of wood for the corner and either dowel or tongue and groove the top and legs into. MDF would really need some kind of skirt recessed back underneath it to keep it from sagging.
What type of tree does glass grow on again???


In all seriousness, I am pretty sure I have seen some modern looking desks like this but they were made from solid wood.

Will try to find some photos or links.
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