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low angle or normal angke plane

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I need to get a plane for school class, and was wondering which one I should get. I can only afford one. My professor said he doesn't like em but they supposedly can cut end grain better so it would seem like they are more useful.
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Then Why doesn't everyone switch over them. Just a new thing that people are just now catching onto.
No one is switching over to them. They have been around forever. I own 3 60 1/2 Stanleys and a 60 1/2 Record. Love them all. I keep one in my pocket all the time when I working on something in the shop.

With the low angle, the iron slices thru the end grain fibers smoothly.

Handplanes are varied and many. There is no one "do it all plane", but a LA block is a very good place to start.:thumbsup:

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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