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Manufacturer of earring holder slats, instant frame inserts, framed earring holders and scarf slides
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I found this forum looking for advice on how to solve some wood working problems I have with items I wanted to create and have enjoyed reading the posts so far. Just now finishing setting up my account. I've been working with wood and making wood items for 11 years but as I've been creating some new products I've turned here to find the answers to questions I had. Thank you for these forums existing!
I make earring holder products and scarf slides out of wood. Specifically I make wooden slats as earring holder slats to insert into frames and jewelry cabinets. I also make one-piece inserts to do the same ... glue into jewelry cabinets and frames. I also make framed earring holders out of custom milled maple molding, and lastly, make scarf slides out of bamboo.
I've used the forums to learn about wood-turning in order to make hollow tubes (very time-consuming and ended up abandoning this idea), the merits and what people know about using/working with bamboo, and used the forums to guide my purchases of lots of the equipment in my shop (or figure out what kind of tool I need to look for).
I don't make furniture or do cabinet making and though I learned a bit about wood-turning as I bought and returned/sold 3 lathes to solve a hollow wooden tube product, I'm not an active wood turner (until I retire). But this is an invaluable sight for advice on stains, equipment, wood to use, etc.
My shop equipment includes a mitre saw, a double-mitre saw, band saw, table saw, mini table saw, 3 different sanders and a router so far.
I appreciate being a member!
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