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looking for teacher atlanta metro area

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hey my name is Chase i am 18 and i am very new to wood working. i live in peach tree city georgia ( 30 minutes south of atlanta / the airport. )
and i am looking for some one who is willing to teach me all about wood working. I have signed up for the navy and will be leaving for boot camp around December so i would love to learn as much as i can between now and then. i don't mind helping you with your projects as long as i am learning.

you can reply to this post, email me at [email protected] , or text/ call me at 678-763-5937

i have a very flexible schedule and have a fair amount of my own tools. i have a car and can drive to you but i get about 12 mpg so closer is better. thanks a lot for reading and hope you can help me out.
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sorry if i put this in the wrong forum :/ new to the forum also
Have you been to Highland Woodworking store? They have several classes taught by various masters of the art. You might want to check them out since they are so close to you. Also woodcraft often has classes. Good luck with your enlistment, listen, learn and come back safe ;-)
Before they closed in my town Woodcraft offered some great classes.

Oops! I see that has already been suggested.

Search for the nearest one to you here:

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