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I have a Bosch 1617EVS in my router table and an older Bosch 1613EVS for plunge router.

Both have given me lots of years of good service.

Whatever you purchase, I would look at the amperage ratings.

It is not possible to run a real 2HP motor on 120V since it takes too many amps and would be far too heavy for hand held use. The marketing folks for some strange reason fudge the rating.

I would look for a router with 12 - 15 amp full load rating. Some may say 2HP, some may say 3HP.

For example, Bosch sell the 1617EVS as a "2.25HP max" router, but it only pulls 12 amp at full load.

If you already have the 1617EVS with both bases, why not just purchase another 1617EVS? Good to have a spare.
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