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Log to lumber deals

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I have Red oak and White oak logs and am selling them as Kiln dried lumber. 1 log or all. When I can sell a log as lumber I can put a good price on it because the material isn't handled as much.
These are large enough to qtr. saw. or I can mill it however you would like.
Its good for woodworking since the lumber came from the same log, maximizing color match. But it's log run so the lumber is all the grades within the log.
I can also run the material as T/G flooring pattern, through the Weinig moulder if desired (reduced price .40 per bf T/G ). These logs will yield wide long rips.
Red Oak, 8' x 25" , butt log, 3 face log, 220bf Doyle scale.
White Oak 8' x 23" , butt log, clear no defects, 180bf Doyle scale.
White Oak next log up from the above log 5' x 23" , clear no defects, 113bf Doyle scale.

Kd lumber from these logs $3.00bf

Were in N. Central TN, 38556, 931.879.6490

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The log to lumber is the whole log.
If I have a big top grade log I offer these. The lg. dia allows qtr sawing and yields a real good deal.
I know your thinking "well ya got a 100bf log"?
I do but a 100 bf log is about 15" or 16" log which can be qtr sawn yes but by the time you subtract the pith, it isn't that good a deal for people as a larger dia.

For lumber orders in general , I don't have a limit for purchase.
The 3 white oak logs sold.
I do have lots of prime grades of Black cherry, red oak and white oak.
I'm milling syp now , next is red oak, also have some black oak (very rustic wood, lots of mineral streaks, red/tan colors, even grub and worm holes on some pieces)
Black oak looks like this (although this wood is wormy white oak,, black oak will yield the same type of defects)


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Log prices are down -around here. Its been dry, lots of logging/logs backed up at mills, etc.
Our logger has big hemlock, white pine, oaks.
We dry/sterilize logs in the kiln.
It depends on the log specs and end use.

Last group was antique 2 side hand hewn SYP. also antique saplings about 3" dia. The saplings will be turned to make a tenon on each end to make spindles, the beams are stringers of a stair case.
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