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Hi All,
I'd like some design advice for a loft bed. I'll post pictures from my phone in the next message. I got the basic idea from some pictures on the internet. The design was modified for a toddler size mattress and to use poplar and not construction grade 2x4's. For the most part I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The main issue I have is the left/right stability. Without the platform the bed is a little shaky left and right. In the beds current position it's rock solid. But, if I move it away from the wall on the left, it can rock a bit to the left. I'm going to be making another loft for my son. I'd like to change the design a bit so that the head does not have to be pushed up against a wall. But, I don't know what to change. The current design can be broken down and moved, which is a requirement. The platform and stairs detach form the main loft, and the front and back rails are attached to the left and right sides with bed bolts. I want to stiffen the frame.

I can post the drawings also if they would be helpful to anyone. It's made from 4/4 poplar.


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What kind of joint should I use for the L?
Depending on your skills and tooling, you could use a lock miter router bit.

You could use glue and a simple rabbet.

You could use glue and a splined rabbet.

You could use glue and a mortise (long groove), and a machined tenon (long).

You could use glue and a keyed miter.

You could use glue and dowels.

Since you are painting, you could just use a glued butt joint and drive screws, countersunk and filled.


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here's some additional ideas

To reinforce the entire structure, put another "loft" on the right side of the steps.
Hinge the lid on the top of the steps for a toy box.
Make one or all of the steps into drawers for storage.
Join the 1 x 4 legs into an "L' with simple butt joints, glue and screws.

Question, what is the purpose of the cavity or opening under the lofts ... for a desk? ....just space to play?....it seems wasted if not used.

It seem that the distance from the top of the steps is a bit too much for an easy entry/exit to the top bunk. Just some thoughts.... :blink:
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