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Locating Furniture Hardware

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Hi all:

Give a look, if you'd be so kind, to the 3style table.


Pretty cool I think--but rest assured I'm not trying to sell you one, nor even recreate it.

What has me interested though is the fastening hardware used in breaking down and assembling this piece: something that is NOT done once upon initial assembly, but rather is an integral part of changing the piece's configuration as part of its regular use. I could see finding use for the keyhole type fastener used in this piece in other designs.

This keyhole type hardware...the designer claims to make his own version of the female side of this assembly. That's fine as I've had no problem locating sellers of same online--even if shaped somewhat differently.

It's the male side: the pin, that' been a challenge for me to locate---any idea where this can be found? In my mind, this probably has wood screw threading. And in the designer's words, his pins are spring loaded---although I suspect that may not be (??) as important for me.

At least for me, and as of this writing, my browser renders rows of thumbnail images at the aforementioned link, whose second row middle image shows this hardware well.

Oh--comment on the table. Although I haven't studied it up close, I might have been inclined to add this hardware to the long face of 1 side of each of the boards--or use the existing hardware that's already there to effect its existing applications, to allow the boards to sit on top of each other without moving, when the DINING (not coffee) table is in its small state. This beats having to put the other leaf "in the closet," IMHO, when the table is in this configuration.

Thank you.
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Looks a lot like weld pins or weld studs. They're available in all sorts of different configurations including threaded.
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Thanks Nick. My concern though is that the threading, as what I think I see in your attached picture, is more consistent with it being screwed INTO a threaded receptacle, rather than directly into wood.

This raises a question for me. Should I be looking for this in wood screw threading, or should I be looking to find a receptacle for these screws, that plugs into the side of the piece of funiture that holds these screws, that say is countersunk into the piece vis a vis the predrilling of a hole with a Fostner type bit?
I think it would be much easier to repurpose these than to locate something so specific and uncommon.

I'd use a threaded insert or rivnut. You can use Loctite on the machine threads to keep it from spinning out in use.
Thanks again Nick. Now I have a direction in which to pursue this idea and the correct terminology to describe the hardware that interfaces a wood piece with the threads of the aforementioned male pin: a rivut. I searched that word and found many solutions!
If I can follow up my own post, the keyhole side of this hardware, created for heavy duty use, with 4 screwed mounting points (most woodworking purposed offerings I've seen just have two) can be repurposed from a newel (e.g. the larger vertical member of a home staircase railing found usually at its ends) base installation kit:

I have a 1923 oak icebox. All original tin plus the $23.95 price tag still inside! In restoration, we thought that bright brass hardware and hinges would match/replace the beat-up original stuff.
Guess what? Lee Valley sells a polished brass hardware set almost identical to what we took off.
Funny thing: even called "icebox hardware."
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