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I built this table for a friend of mine. Originally this slab was well over 3" thick, close to 3.5". It had a bad twist and was very uneven. I built a router sled and used a 1" bit and over the course of a day (a long day) I was able to flatten it on both sides. Finished thickness is still 2.75" and it weighs a ton!

The bookmatched pieces were fitted together with epoxy, I just trust the strength more than glue. I also used 8 3/8" dowels and it is reinforced underneath with steel bar every foot. I put walnut butterfly keys down the center as well.

I welded the 4x2" rectangular tube together thinking it might look a little bulky, but I think they turned out great and fit this slab. I left the welds unground and painted over them with plasti-dip. I wanted to try something other than paint. It worked out ok.

It finished out at 6'6" long and 35+" wide. Easily seats 6 with two end chairs. I finished this table with 4 coats of semi gloss polyurethane.


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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