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Little guys in your workshop

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How many of you have a spot carved out in your shop for your budding woodworkers?


It’s fun to watch the boy “work”, and even though things take twice as long when he “helps” I wouldn’t trade the time for anything.


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Congratulation on all you folk spending quality time in the shop with your kids. I never even had a shop when my 4 sons were growing but we spent time remodeling and making messes. I spent lots of time with the boys being their Scoutmaster - but having @ 30 Scouts to take care off, I never spent much time in the shop with them... still time well spent. Now my youngest is 27 - we have 5 grand daughters - and the "time" investment is paying us well. All 4 sons live within "commuting" distance and they all get along great. Life is good here :thumbsup:
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