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Little guys in your workshop

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How many of you have a spot carved out in your shop for your budding woodworkers?


It’s fun to watch the boy “work”, and even though things take twice as long when he “helps” I wouldn’t trade the time for anything.


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I always had my girls in there ,, they'd take all my scrap and power nail it into a leaning tower!

The problem when they ran out of scrap they'd take the parts and use them too,,

So for the new guys out there please listen!

Whatever you do,, don't fly off the handle and yell,,

And for gods sake don't wait for them to leave and salvage your parts back,

And god forbid you throw it away and they come looking for their masterpiece,,

You know the people who adorn the fridge with kids stuff,,
Somewhere in that shop you will have a fridge too
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