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Hey everyone! Long time no talk... life is crazy. I guess with most of you being older than me, you know that already! haha

Now some of you know I have had a hand in little wooden toys and games etc. I have now taken those and am beginning to market them as Levi's Attic Toys. I am still in the process of everything, but hoping to have them in stores by the end of the month. I have lots of interest and am excited to push it out the door!

Here's the fun part! How would you like to have your name on one of my upcoming toys? Read below, to find out how you can have your chance!

While launching a new Facebook page, and really... a new product and brand. I need your help to get my name out there! But I want to give back to you as well.

For that reason, if you are one of the first 150 to like the Levi's Attic Toys Facebook page you will be entered into a draw to have YOUR name tagged to one of my upcoming toys, i.e. (Jonathan's bow and arrows).

So here's how we'll do things...

Be one of the first 150 likes: = 1 draw entry
Share page: = 1 extra draw entry

make sense?

Thank you guys for your amazing support all along the way in my woodworking efforts! I am Looking forward to what the Lord does!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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