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There is only one "seconds" sale a year, on Cyber Monday, and it is on items that haven't passed QA for cosmetic reasons.

Number of items is limited and it is first come first served. Items usually sell out early in the day. They don't have "sedonds" of all tools, so it can be hit and miss if you are looking for a specific item.

For the last sale, I really wanted a small plow plane, but they didn't have any seconds of that item. I ended up with a bevel up smooth plane instead ;) I didn't necessarily need one, but I'm sure glad I bought it - it's a wonderful plane - besides, I already had the money ready to spend so I had to get something.

They do mention the sale on their website, and you can sign up for their e-mail list as well.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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