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(Also learned something about my truck!)

The new Parish Hall at our Church is almost completed, the old hall (stand-alone tin can building) is now gone and we're now able to get in there and do some Parish Projects. I'm building 3 garden benches for the new landscaping project, I'm available for the new Kitchen for the Hall, and I'm helping with a new deck off the Rectory. Last Saturday was the day for the deck... And it was not good.

We placed Sona Tube in where we were going to support the deck 2 weeks ago. We understood the contractor was going to have the tubes filled with the extra material off the concrete truck. (It was only 1/4 Yard for all 4 tubes.) Anyway Thursday we find out they didn't do that. They said there was no extra. I say they forgot... All 4 times. But that's gone now. We needed to mix our own. So I get a small 1.5Cu Ft mixer from another parishonier and bring my tools on Saturday. After I get there, my professional carpenter friend Todd says he thinks 20 80lb bag are needed, but his truck won't carry that weight. (Plus it's a company truck.) So I goto Lowes and get 20 bags of a 80lb pre-mix and 2 95lb bags of protland cement. On one skid was 1800lbs plus the skid of what I needed. There was a new guy operating the fork lift and he did OK. Placed it right where I wanted it inthe back of my truck close to the tailgate. Oh yeah... At this time the drizzle and sleet turns to a big time heavy rain.

After I wrapped the concrete sacks in a tarp I drove back to the Church. To find the shortest path to where we setup the staging without blocking traffic or driving onto concrete that's only 4 days old, I ended up driving onto the construction site, then backed up to where one sidewalk ended. Remember... It's raining pretty good and this area I'm backing into is now a mud bath. My truck is caked in mud from the wheels to the fenders and bed. The tires were buried in mud to the rims. Also had it in 4X4 Low Range. We off-load the cement as needed 3 bags at a time.

First tube... No prob. Second tube... Great job. Third tube... Blow-out! Forth tube we noticed it blew out from the outside in.
Tube #3 had to be replaced as well as tube #4. So we off-loaded the remaining sacks of cement and I went back to get two new tubes and a Post Hole Digger. (Still raining, mind you.) Came back to the Church and parked in the same spot. (Still got to get the mixer back in the truck.) We fix the blowned tubes and fill them with concrete. (It may look like a short sentence, but that was allot of work to clear concrete out of ol #3.

Now all this time the other two gents (Todd and a helper) are attaching the Rim Joist to the building, attaching the rest of the frame, then installing the floor/deck joist. So there were a few times I stopped to help with nailing and squaring the joist up.

Let's skip the other 90 minutes of the mixer crapping out and a concrete mix I had to throw out cause it was too wet and all the clean up. (Still raining though.) In the end I was completly drenched. I had my insulated cover-alls on and they were heavy and very dirty. Somehow concrete dust found its way into the cab of my truck and caked the sterring wheel, armrest, pedals, UGH!!!! If the dust didn't get something, the mud sure did. (I did wrap the seats in plastic.) With the concrete mixer put back into the bed, I drove home. I spent the following Sunday Afternoon cleaning the inside of my truck. Took a while, but it's clean.

I bet you're wondering why not call it done. There's a deadline to meet, and deadlines don't care about the weather.

I wish I had pics, but the Mrs. was not about to stand there in the rain and watch us get a deck frame together with every obsticle being thrown at us.

I'll tell you this... With allot of heavy weight in the back, nothing but mud to drive through, and throwing more work at it than some would do with a work truck, Not only did my truck perform, but the performance was flawless. I ran thru the car wash the following Monday with the best wash available and tipped the guy extra for running the pressure washer in the bed and on the wheel wells.

Why do I have a 3/4 ton truck. This is one reason...
There maybe another concrete job coming up at the Church, and I'm sure I'll get the call to help. I will respond with perseverance and my truck. (A woodworking guy doing concrete. Who da thunk it? :biggrin:)

Despite the obsticals (and there were several) we got the job done. No help from the weather or empty favors, but three men along with our perseverance, our knowledge and our tools. For me, it's good to know that of one of my tools used on this job has in performance what equals my perseverance to get the job done.

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