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As most of you know, I'm finishing up a Curio for my FIL's late Christmas Present. I measured the opening for the glass shelves and the glass doors which were going to be 1/4" with polished edges. Also ordered a double strenght 1/8" glass for the front.

The front glass ended up fitting fine. The Glass Doors ended up being too short cause I over-compensated for the hardware. Learn from my mistake... Take a scrap piece of 1/4" and use that to dry-fit what would be a glass door on the hardware to ensure the pivot hinges will stay in the holes.

The shelves were measured correctly... They just were not cut right. The shelves were ordered at 33 3/8" long. They were cut at 33 7/8" long. I asked my friend who owns the hardware store I ordered them from to double-check his notes... 33 7/8". Now he didn't take the measurements from me rather his employee. So now it's my word against his. No biggie... I'm having those shelves cut down and repolished to 33 3/8". Take note fellow woodworkers... Figure out your measurements, write them down or print them out on a computer printer, and make a copy for your records and where you order the glass. That way if there's a screwup, you have a written document stating what was discussed.

I say this cause 1/4" polished glass is terribly expensive. The glass was as much as the wood. Now with the extra work on the shelves that I can't dispute, and completly screwing up the doors, I'm out another $100.00+. Learn from me folks. Don't measure twice... Measure twice and twice again. Also write it down for the guy who's gonna have them made so you all are on the same page.

Pics will be coming soon of the finished Curio. I maybe building some sort of storage cabinet as well that can use 4 glass doors.

Tom :oops:
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