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Yes, one of the best is the Beall buffing system. 3 wheels, each designed for a different compound and marked accordingly.

First is the Tripoli wheel, then the white diamond and last is the canuba wax.


I use the Tripoli after I have turned and sanded. It will quickly show me any tool or sanding marks I have missed removing. It does not affect future finishes.

The white diamond is a finer compound. Members of my turning club say that if you use the white diamond you do not want to get any water/rain drops on the piece or it will create white spots. Apparently they experienced issues with rain when taking items for sale between the car and the show.

Edit, adding picture of my setup.

I mounted my wheels on 1/2in threaded rod. You can purchase a morse taper mount, but I just use this in my scroll chuck. Easier than removing the chuck.

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