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Large Diameter Tap & Die Threading kit (1.75")

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Yes, I've googled the heck out of it. The most common "large" size is 1.5" here in the U.S.
My question is, have any of you actually seen, or know of, the 1-3/4" wood threading kit ??
And, no - I don't want to make one, and no, I don't want to use a router or lathe to do the job.
And, no - I don't want to spend 800 Euros for the Dieter Schmid's 44mm set.
I'm just wondering if any of you have actually seen or used the 1-3/4" model yourself. (of any model or brand name).
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Homemade versions can be fraught with frustrations and disappointments due to the fact that the male and female threads MUST match perfectly in order for the mechanism to work properly.
1-1/2" Common Tap & Die
And, this is how it should work with a little fine-tuning.
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On the other side, not all screws have to be large😉
Love the shape.
LOL yeah. But, I have the Tim-the-Tool Man mentality = mo bigger, mo better.
This is cherry wood and is still a work in progress.
View attachment 446031
You do get the threads to go close enough to the hub aa well?
I see that you have made a track for the gartner already (at least I assume that is what I see).
Do you have any plan for what you will use as the gartner?

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The image shows how I did it on my own bench. Basically made one out of wood, and it has worked as it should. But I would really have liked to have one in bronsje, dark brown or black - and in metal.
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Maybe this is of interest.
There are some people in Norway who is remaking old trafitional workbenches, and screws are a part of that project. The tool used here is lent from a museum. I’ll se if I’m able to locate the brand and maker.
(view the video). The screw is made from birch.

Also, there is written a this study on wooden screws. But I’m sorry to say that even if the summary are in english, the content is in Swedish. But there are som interesting pictures if you are into the history of it all.
Last there are also a good list of litterature regerences that may be of interest - but maybe mostly for anyone interested in making they’re own tools, something that is on the outside of the context of this thread.
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And I did locate a second German seller of large tap and dies. Not sure if it is the same actual producer or a different one, and I only found oricesnup to 25mm on their site, but I’ll see if I may find some more info.
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This is from page 37 in their catalog:

I must say that I find it a bit strange that so few make these tools.
Have anyone seen some fotage or video from some of the professional toolmakers, for example Lake Erie Toolworks?
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Thanks, Tek - that's a lot of information. I think Lake Erie turns his on the CNC and is over 2". That's why the high price.
I saw a garter with a coved edge and it clicked in my feeble brain that it too must be turned on the lathe. I've been having good success with that As with any new craft, the discovery zone can be quite dazzling and fun.
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LOL yeah. But, I have the Tim-the-Tool Man mentality = mo bigger, mo better.
This is cherry wood and is still a work in progress.
View attachment 446031
WOW John this is great work I really like the look of this, its turned in one piece right? And 44mm too? I have been following this post a while, I myself looking to buy a big threader tool I have the small one from fine tools, I reckon 3/4" or 19 mm which I have been using to make various clamps. But I have bought a workbench project very cheaply 6" thick glued fir though, but its still massive and now I need vices for it.

here is a thread with the 3/4"another clamp thread this one is made from beech, I also did some cherry and birch, but this one gave better results, all soaked in linseed oil 48h. Also what is the reason to use mineral oil?
tried to upload photo directly but it didn't work.
Hi Martin and welcome to the forum.
To answer your question: "is it turned in one piece" - the answer is no. The 1-3/4" (44mm) dowel is actually like 46-48mm in diameter and will not fit the 44mm threader. So - since it was so large, I glued a block of walnut onto one end as close to center as I could get it, then, turned it on the lathe and reduced the dowel down to 43.5mm and threaded it after turning. The hole in the handle is drilled after the finial turning of the hub. The only reason this photo was used is because I had to put it BACK on the lathe to correct a mistake after the handle hole was drilled. You can see where the hole was not "centered" and I had to remove some material from the bottom to make it visually correct.
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First, I learned a LOT about this tool and its capabilities. For intracate projects, it is not as simple as just threading a dowel and it all turns out okee-dokee fine. The mineral oil is an old wives tale. I totally ruined four 18" walnut dowels by soaking them in mineral oil, as suggested by several sources. Once the oil gets into the wood, it does NOT come out. No matter how long you soak it in solvents. So, if you want to apply a clear coat or adhesive, the wood has been compromised to the point that you are taking a chance of failure sooner than later. Just my advice from my personal experiences with the projects that I am making. YOUR projects and methods may vary. (YMMV).
When talking about "linseed oil" and "BOILED" linseed oil, you have to be very clear of which one you are using or referring to - they are as different as night and day.
I've made a few "Face Vise" threaded dowel kits so far and have one listed on Ebay. One of the projects I really like is the threaded Nut-n-Bolt just as a novelty.
If you venture into the larger threader, please post some of your projects.

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Those are american walnut I reckon? looking at your profile ;-)
Had a guy told me they are bad for making threads in...obviously looks very good from your pictures. What can I say.

Oh yes, you are right, BLO, boiled linseed oil

I actually did end up ordering the 2" threader at a 15% discount, still quite a bit, but turning and threading is about the most fun I know. Its what we are here for right?
It has a few weeks delivery so here is something I messed with for a while, I made 3 short (90cm total, clamps 75cm max) for a small cabinet project I have in mind. Nice clamps, can also be used for planing stock while clamped in your leg vice due to the quick release very fast to adjust the length for your work piece. It has emery paper glued to the underside piece where the iron is bolted to, I cannot take credit for the design, but it does work really well!
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