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Thanks for asking, Tony. I've ordered the commerrcial made one from Germany and it should be here in a week or so. I saved $70.00 on shipping by comparing UPS to DHL and DHL was the cheapest with 4-6 days delivery. (we'll have to see on that).
I was doing a project just this morning and struggled with the awkward clamping arrangement that I had to use. One of my first projects will be a portable Moxon vise that clamps to any bench with all wood hardware (no metal). Once I get familiar with the tool, I'll look into making some projects "for profit" to help pay for this thing.
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So John, how come no metal? Even wood clamps have metal screws ;)

I've seen people make the holes in the chop a little oblong sideways to increase angular clamping ability. I guess wood screws move faster than Acme threads.

So I gotta ask, any idea what you'd be charging per foot?
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