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So I'm chasing the unicorn of a commercially made threader in the 1.75 - 2.0 inch size just for funzie projects.
I'd be very surprised if such a tool exists. I'd also be very surprised if such a tool would produce satisfactory results.

In my research I have found wooden threads in 2 1/2 diameter and 3 inch diameter.
Wood Vise Workbench Screw from Lake Erie Toolworks

In the above example, those particular threads were produced using a "milling" operation rather than a cutting die or cutting tap.

"Milled threads" are quite common in large diameter applications, due to the physical limitations of the cutting forces encountered, when attempting to create large diameter threads, using a "tap" or a "die".

I don't know where the diameter break point is, between "tap and die" method to "milled" method. Based on tooling that is readily available on the market, it would seem 1 1/2 inch may be the max diameter where it is practical to use the "tap and die" method.
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