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I managed to break the little 25 watt spotlight in the lamp on my Dewalt 20 inch scrollsaw, mainly because I had it really close to the work to get more light on it while cutting. The blade snatched the piece of wood and flailed it into the front of the bulb.
I decided I needed more light than a 25 watt bulb would make so I went looking at the alternatives. The label on the lamp housing warned against using anything hotter than a 25 watt bulb so the 60 watt version that is available was out. Then I tried to find an LED with an intermediate base to fit. Seems the manufacturers overlooked that size entirely. There was the regular base and candelabra, the only intermediates were low output Christmas lights. I even checked for adaptors, no go. There is however a 13 watt, 60 watt equivalent output CFL with an intermediate base. Only problem is they stick out about an inch in front when screwed in. I finally found a plastic pipe fitting, called a 2" DWV male adaptor for less than $1.50 at HD that would slip right in at the thread end with just a little shaving on the lathe with a skew. I ran a bead of thick CA around it and slipped it in and it looks almost like I knew what I was doing. Yeah we got pictures!
PS I found the bulb at Lowes.


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