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laminate floor

Thank you for all the info.......:thumbsup::thumbsup:
Short answer: Probably.
Longer answer: It depends on the locking method. Some of the cheaper laminates have you press the end joints together, which would be rather difficult to take apart without damaging a good number of them. Most of the other types, however, should come apart easily. Also, if you keep your beginning and end pieces stacked and separate, it'll make reusing them that much easier. You will have losses, so figure out how many full boards you have, and see how close you are to being able to finish the square footage of the new room. They say to plan on 10-ish% losses when cutting a new floor, but since you'll have the cut pieces already, it should be less.
One other thing to watch is any high wear areas, under desks, doorways, in front of counters, that kind of thing. Depending on the coloring/finish, you may want to put those boards under furniture or something.

Hope that helps,
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