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Good day

I'm using many knobs for my jigs.
Usually, I made them rounded, that requires cutting with the hole saw and gluing sanding paper for good grip until....
One morning, after the 3rd coffee kicked in, I realized that I'm "wasting time and money" for something so simple...that I'm not going even to put it in the living room...

So I made them simple but, during the process, I thought, "How said that a knob must be round...actually, it's just a lever to turn and tight a nut or bolt"...so I made it even simpler.

I make them from anything that "moves" in my scrap box, plywood, MDF or wood.

I stopped using bolts because it's much cheaper and practical to buy Threaded Rod and cut it to the required lengths...and from one, I can make many "bolts" and don't have to run to the shop for every bolt length.

So, here are my latest knobs

Best Regards

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