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Our old kitchen was looking tired after 20 years of work and kids.. we had re decorated a few times but this time I had to do more..

I have access to lots of good almost new pallets and packing crates and I really like working with them as they are free (leaves cash for tools right..) I'd picked up a second hand wine rack made of galvanised steel and timber which I stripped , painted and reassembled it then designed a cabinet to fit around it.. The internals are made of off cuts of coated board so they can be wiped clean and the doors/carcass were made from pallet wood..
Wood Natural material Hardwood Lumber Wood stain
My pallet wood stash and the £2 wine rack (charity shop)

Building Wood Cabinetry House Floor
Bare Carcass with hole in the middle for the rack.

Wood Floor House Flooring Wood stain
Went for Dark graphite as it's trendy right now..

Wood Pattern Hardwood Creative arts Fashion accessory
Drew up some grapes for the door and glued a few strips of 8mm thick timber to male them with..

Brown Wood Door Yellow Handle

Came out quite well giving I'm no carver..

Food Tableware Rectangle Ingredient Wood
next I had to make a few hundred of these from the interesting parts of pallets..

Finished Wall and cabinet just waiting to dry off properly before waxing.... the other cabinets were the originals with new/modified doors repainted and positioned..

Cabinetry Property Furniture Building Kitchen

I know it's a little rustic but if fits with our home.. The house itself was built by two brothers in 1848 with stone walls 3 feet thick in places.. And it sits on bedrock..
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