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I bought my king industrial extreme cabinet saw and have done much tinkering to get it up to the standards I need. Last thing on my list was the throat plate. Since the one I got had a minor dip in it which most people would not care about nor probably notice, I decided to find an aftermarket one.

I read that no one makes aftermarket throat plate inserts.

After checking around... On lee valley I noticed they had a powermattic 66 throat plate that fit the exact dimensions I have for my table saw. I got them to order in the aluminum one and the phenolic throat plate.

I really wanted the tru-cut zero clearance but it was not designed for the riving knife that moves in unacine with the saw blade.... Good news however..the phenolic ones are perfect! Absolutely perfect IMHO.

No end pin so I just need to put a shim underneath so when u press down on it the throat plate doesn't move. And for the front I used the bolt that comes with the original throat plate as an adjustable screw underneath so its supported perfectly from all ends and fits in there with no movement at all.

46j85.02. Is the part number.
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