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Just want to say hello, I am 76 years old and have been working with wood ever since 6th grade shop.

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I have built houses, well a couple for myself. and any number of projects with wood. I was the president of my local Kiwanis club when we sponsored the first house for the local High School.
I love working with wood from furniture to cabinetry and woodturning.
I look forward to being a member of this forum.
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I'm betting you started far earlier than 6th grade. Somehow, as with me, I see you sitting in the woods, hammering nails to make them straight and then pounding a million of them through scraps of wood into a tree trunk to make the ladder for your soon-to-be treehouse!

... and, I'd be willing to bet you had one of those little work benches where you could take the wooden hammer and smash a block through a square hole - or tinker toys that tightened up real fast when you gave them a whack.

'Fess up - you started at 4 years old!

Welcome to the club we need some well-honed advice and skills!
You must have seen me because you are right, I spent a lot of time in the woods. I was fascinated with all the different types of wood there was right in front of me. I still think of some of the chestnut trees that were there, then but not now. Life is full of dreams, keep dreaming you will never be "board".
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